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Book - Welsh Rugby Quiz - Paperback

Book - Welsh Rugby Quiz - Paperback

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ISBN: 9781784615482 (178461548X)

Publication Date: 01 February 2018

Publisher: Y Lolfa

Format: Paperback, 183x123 mm, 128 pages

Language: English

Everyone in Wales think they know it all when it comes to the oval ball! This is a chance to see if you really do. Each round of this book can be considered as an individual quiz with the questions getting more difficult as you progress through the book. A new, updated edition.

Gwales Review (with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.)

I am not a huge fan of Welsh rugby, but my husband is. The one sporting event he watches religiously is the Six Nations. I decided to have some fun with this book by trying some of the quizzes out on him. The book has 50 rounds of ten questions. Seven questions are multiple choice, and three are short answer. The questions seem comprehensive – they cover the entire history of Welsh rugby, and switch between questions about the national team to ones about the various rugby league and rugby union teams in Wales. My husband did fairly well on the quizzes, averaging about half right each time, which makes me think the difficulty levels are reasonable.

I can see this book being used for quiz nights, either at pubs or among friends, when the focus is on Welsh rugby. You could either use the rounds as they are given, or pick and choose the questions to tailor a quiz to the quiz takers' strengths (for example, if you were focussing on a particular club or tournament). I think this book will provide a great deal of information and amusement for fans of Welsh rugby.

Julie Jones

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