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Book - Street Welsh: Frasebook - Paperback

Book - Street Welsh: Frasebook - Paperback

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ISBN: 9780862439026 (0862439027)

Publication Date: 15 September 2011

Publisher: Y Lolfa

Format: Paperback, 115x164 mm, 128 pages

Language: English

A full colour illustrated introduction to basic Welsh that will help learners to understand the Welsh around them, and engage in simple conversations with Welsh speakers. Reprint; first published in 2006.

A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council:-

Street Welsh by Heini Gruffudd is a small, pocket-sized phrasebook which can either be used as a study aid by Welsh learners or carried around and used in everyday situations. This excellent little book is suitable for a wide range of people from visitors to Wales wanting to say a few phrases and understand what they hear and see in Welsh, through to more experienced learners. For the complete beginner, phonetic pronunciation hints are given, so no prior knowledge of the Welsh language is needed in order to have a go. For more experienced learners, this book brings together useful phrases, some of which so often get forgotten, and includes vocabulary lists to extend and reinforce existing knowledge of Welsh.

Street Welsh provides useful phrases and vocabulary for an extensive range of situations for a book of its diminutive size. The subject titles are clearly marked on the outer edge of each page and the colour-coded pages distinguish between the different sections of the book (situations, grammar and dictionary) which make for easy navigation. The quick grammar guide has clear explanations and can either provide a taste of Welsh grammar or serve as a prompt to the more experienced learner. The book concludes with Welsh/English and English/Welsh dictionary, which again, is colour-coded for quick reference.

In summary, Street Welsh is a practical and accessible little reference guide to suit Welsh learners of a range of levels which inspires the reader to go out and have a go at speaking Welsh!

Sarah Whitehead

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